13th Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference (STeP 2008)

 13th Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference and
Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness

STeP 2008 is the 13th Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference and will be held in the Helsinki University of Technology and Nokia Research Center, Finland, on August 20-22. The first day consists of conference talks, and the second and third day are for the Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness.

The conference will be co-organized by the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society and by the Helsinki University of Technology.

The planned program of the conference is as follows:

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We will create conscious machines in the future

Interview with the Nobel Laureate Gerald Edelman.
Source: El Mundo Digital [1].

{mosimage} Gerald Edelman received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1972, when he was 43. He discovered the structure of antibodies, a crucial finding for the study of multiple infectious diseases and the development of effective vaccines. Shortly after that, he lost interest in immunology and focused on one of the big questions: how the brain works?

In the last two decades Edelman has become one of the most respectable researchers in the field of neurology, and he has founded a research institute in San Diego where he leads a reduced team of young scientists whose goal is to solve the mystery of consciousness. This week Edelman has visited Valencia (Spain) to participate in Jaime I prizes as judge. The following is a transcription and translation of an interview with Gerald Edelman published in Spanish by elmundo.es:

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