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Thursday, 26 November 2015
Multi-Agent Systems
Here you will find articles related to the use of Multi-Agent Systems in Machine Consciousness implementations.

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  • Artificial General Intelligence  ( 2 items )

    As opposed to classical AI approaches where the whole research area is fragmented in narrow intelligent systems, the Artificial General Intelligence discipline aims to build an integrative alternative considering whole artificial systems that could develop intelligence parallel to that of humans.

  • Biologicaly Inspired AI  ( 1 items )

    This category covers all AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques inspired in processes observed in biological organisms. Bio-inspired models are the foundation of many AI techniques like Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Artificial Life (AL), Evolutionary Computing (EV), Swarm Intelligence (SI), etc.

  • Evolutionary Computing  ( 3 items )

    Evolutionary computing is one of the popular domains in the context of Artificial Intelligence tecniques. Here you will find articles related to the use of Genetic Programming (GP) and Genetic Algorithms in Machine Consciousness implementations.

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