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Thursday, 26 November 2015
Conscious Machines

In this section we aim to review the existing architectures or artifacts that implement any kind of machine consciousness. We have also tried to provide an introduction to the field of Machine Consciousness.

As there are many different platforms where machine consciousness models can be implemented and tested, in this section we cover from pure software architectures to physical robots and associated machinery.

We are trying to build a comprehensive catalogue of such a systems and also research projects on machine consciousness. If you know of any machine consciousness implementation or ongoing research project not listed here, please contact us.


  • Theories of Consciousness  ( 8 items )

    In this category we aim to review the most salient theories and models of consciousness.

  • The Field of Machine Consciousness  ( 6 items )

    In this category we describe and introduce the incipient field of Machine Consciousness. We have a special interest in strictly scientific approaches and practical applications.

  • Machine Consciousness Projects and Architectures  ( 15 items )

    Here you can find reviews about Robots and computer architectures  implementing any kind of Machine Consciousness.

  • Conscious Robots  ( 10 items )

    Here you will find reviews of existing implementations of robots or robotics plaforms implementing any kind of Machine Consciousness Architecture.

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