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Friday, 19 December 2014
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Neural Networks and Erlang - 2009/09/14 13:32 Although this is not a topic related directly to cognitive architectures, it is about to the implementation of components that could be well part of either classical cognitive architectures or Machine Consciousness implementations.

The following is a post from Steve inluding a link to an interesting article describing the how language Erlang could be use for the implementation of artificial neural networks using multi-core hardware(thanks for the pointer Steve):


I came across this article (I am not the author of it) which may be of interest to some in the list. I didn't see a particular forum that was appropriate to post the link to:


It describes how to implement neural networks in the telecoms-derived language Erlang. There is a discussion in that article about why Erlang may be particularly suited for this kind of work (Erlang uses the actor model/pattern and is aimed at massive concurrency). Also, I do know that the the Erlang platform team (at Ericsson) are currently working on a minimal runtime for the OTP platform on which Erlang runs which is likely to be available later this year.

It's early days for this technology in this domain, but I think it is always good to know about the options out there, particularly those that can take instant advantage of the multi-core trend (and eventually FPGAs).


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