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Wednesday, 25 November 2015
Microsoft Robotics Studio Pages

Welcome to www.Conscious-Robots.com pages for MRDS (Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio)!

As part of the research work on machine consciousness, the Conscious-Robots.com team is performing a number of experiments with autonomous mobile robots. The Microsoft Robotics Studio platform has been selected as the best choice for the development of novel control systems for autonomous robots. These pages include information, MSRS services, C# sample code, and resources for the programming of Pioneer 3 DX robots using MSRS.


Who could be interested

We think these pages can be of interest for anyone working on autonomous mobile robotics. Even though the main focus of our research is cognitive robotics, the development of robotics software using MSRS can be applied to a vast range of domains. Given that the robots we are using are MobileRobots Pioneer 3 DX, most of the software and simulations are oriented to this specific hardware. However, we have tried to write generic software that can be applied to any differential drive robot base.

The contents of these pages can be useful for both students and researchers. Actually, most of the code and applications included in this section is intended for its use in academic projects on robotics (courses on applied robotics and engineering final year projects). Some of the applications we are currently looking at are autonomous exploration and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). The robots we are using are equipped with SONAR, contact, and vision sensors.


Contents of MSRS pages

We are developing MSRS services for both real and simulated Pioneer 3 DX robots, and most of the code is shared in this site (see download section). Additionally, as these services need related documentation (especially if you are new to MSRS), some tutorials, guides, and instructions are being published periodically under the categories listed below.

A set of discussion forums are also available. Again, the discussions are often focused in the Pioneer 3 DX and MSRS, but it can be easily extended to the programming of any differential drive vehicle with MSRS. Technical questions, comments, critiques, bug reports, etc. are welcome in our forums. 



Should you have any question, comment or suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact us.



  • Robotics Developer Studio Resources and Howto  ( 12 items )

    This category contains a number of short HOWTO documents about Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Also, some interesting resources are added to this category.

  • Robotics Studio Services  ( 11 items )

    This category includes some of the MRDS services developed for our research and teaching work.

  • Robotics Studio News  ( 15 items )

    News related to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, with a focus on new platform version and package releases.

  • Robotics Studio Forums  ( 4 items )

    Forums, questions, answers, discussion, and links about Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.

  • Robotics Studio Downloads  ( 3 items )

    Microsoft Robotics Studio Downloads: Runtime, extra packages, services, tutorials and courseware.

  • Documentación en Español (Spanish Documentation)  ( 28 items )

    Esta categoría incluye traducciones no oficiales de la documentación de Microsoft Robotics Studio, así como otros documentos relacionados en español (This category encloses unofficial translation of Microsoft Robotics Studio documentation, as well as other related documentation in Spanish).

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