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Cognitive Neuroscience – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Consciousness

Category: Cognitive Science

“Cognition and Consciousness” Retecog Summer School 2012 5-8 June 2012, Menorca, Spain. http://summerschool.retecog.net/ Invited Lecturers: Kevin O’Regan, Anil Seth, Ap Dijsterkuis & Arne Öhman. Introduction The Retecog Network fosters interdisciplinary collaboration to promote the advancement of Cognitive Science in Spain….

Call for Papers Advances in Cognitive and Emotional Information Processing (ACEIP)  Submissions are invited for a special session on Advances in Cognitive and Emotional Information Processing (ACEIP) to be held within the 2012 International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN), taking…

Pentti Haikonen’s architecture for conscious machines By Trung Doan (doanviettrung a_t gmail dot com). Haikonen’s contribution to the machine-consciousness endeavor is an architecture based on cognitive principles. He also developed some electronic microchips as a first step to building a machine…

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