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ConsScale Calculator. Raúl Arrabales
Version 3.1 - Jan. 2016
ConsScale Generic Calculator

See below how to rate your agent (or click here for an example).
Click here for a description of ConsScale levels.

ConsScale Generic Calculator: Input Forms.

1.- Select the architectural components.
2.- Indicate the behavioral profile (cognitive skills form).

- Use the checkboxes below to select the features of your implementation.
- The results will appear immediately in the left panel.
- The radar graph might take up to one second to be updated after a change.
- Button [Level 3] will load the profile of a pure ConsScale Adaptive agent.
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Agent's Architectural Components:

E Environment.
B Physical or software simulated body.
Spropio Proprioceptive Sensory Machinery.
Sext Exteroceptive Sensory Machinery.
A Action Machinery.
R Sensorimotor Coordination Machinery.
M Memory.

Mn Capability of multiple context representation in memory.
Att Mechanism for directing S and A to specific Ei, i.e. Attention mechanism.
SsA Self-status assessment mechanism.
I Mechanism for representation of self.
O Mechanism for representation of other selves.
AR Accurate report mechanism.
AVR Accurate verbal report mechanism.
Rn Mechanism to run and synchronize several streams of consciousness in one self.

ConsScale levels Cognitive Skills (CSi,j):

Level -1. Disembodied - L-1 = 0.00
N/A No CS considered at this level.

Level 0. Isolated - L0 = 0.00
N/A No CS considered at this level.

Level 1. Decontrolled - L1 = 0.00
N/A No CS considered at this level.

Level 2. Reactive - L2 = 0.00
CS2,1 Fixed reactive responses ("reflexes").

Level 3. Adaptive - L3 = 0.00
Check/Uncheck All
CS3,1 Autonomous acquisition of new adaptive reactive responses.
CS3,2 Usage of propioceptive sensing for embodied adaptive responses.
CS3,3 Selection of relevant sensory information.
CS3,4 Selection of relevant motor information.
CS3,5 Selection of relevant memory information.
CS3,6 Evaluation (positive or negative) of selected objects or events.
CS3,7 Selection of what needs to be stored in memory.

Level 4. Attentional - L4 = 0.00
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CS4,1 Trial and error learning. Re-evaluation of selected objects or events.
CS4,2 Directed behaviour toward specific targets like following or escape.
CS4,3 Evaluation of the performance in the achievement of a single goal.
CS4,4 Basic planning capability: calculation of next n sequential actions.
CS4,5 Depictive representations of percepts.

Level 5. Executive - L5 = 0.00
Check/Uncheck All
CS5,1 Ability to move back and forth between multiple tasks.
CS5,2 Seeking of multiple goals.
CS5,3 Evaluation of the performance in the achievement of multiple goals.
CS5,4 Autonomous reinforcement learning (emotional learning).
CS5,5 Advanced planning capability considering all active goals.
CS5,6 Ability to generate selected mental content with grounded meaning.

Level 6. Emotional - L6 = 0.00
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CS6,1 Self-status assessment (background emotions).
CS6,2 Background emotions cause effects in agentís body.
CS6,3 Representation of the effect of emotions in organism (feelings).
CS6,4 Ability to hold a precise and updated map of body schema.
CS6,5 Abstract learning (learned lessons generalization).
CS6,6 Ability to represent a flow of integrated percepts including self-status.

Level 7. Self-Conscious - L7 = 0.00
Check/Uncheck All
CS7,1 Representation of the relation between self and perception.
CS7,2 Representation of the relation between self and action.
CS7,3 Representation of the relation between self and feelings.
CS7,4 Self-recognition capability.
CS7,5 Advance planning including the self as an actor in the plans.
CS7,6 Use of imaginational states in planning.
CS7,7 Learning of tool usage.
CS7,8 Ability to represent and self-report mental content (continuous inner flow of percepts).

Level 8. Empathic - L8 = 0.00
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CS8,1 Ability to model others as subjective selves.
CS8,2 Learning by imitation of a counterpart.
CS8,3 Ability to collaborate with others in the pursuit of a common goal.
CS8,4 Social planning (planning with socially aware plans).
CS8,5 Ability to make new tools.
CS8,6 Inner imagery is enriched with mental content related to the model of others.

Level 9. Social - L9 = 0.00
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CS9,1 Ability to develop Machiavellian strategies like lying and cunning.
CS9,2 Social learning (learning of new Mechiavellian strategies).
CS9,3 Advanced communication skills (accurate report of mental content).
CS9,4 Groups are able to develop a culture.
CS9,5 Ability to modify and adapt the environment to agentís needs.

Level 10. Human-Like - L10 = 0.00
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CS10,1 Accurate verbal report. Advanced linguistic capabilities.
CS10,2 Ability to pass the Turing test.
CS10,3 Groups are able to develop a civilization and advance culture and technology.

Level 11. Super-Conscious - L11 = 0.00
CS11,1 Ability to manage several streams of consciousness.