Raúl Arrabales Moreno

Cognitive Neuroscience – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Consciousness

Invited Talks


  • How Artificial Intelligence is impacting I/O Psychology. COLPSIC – Colegio Colombiano de Psicólogos. Bogotá. Colombia. Nov. 2023. COLPSIC.
  • The Role of Psychology in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI): opportunities and risks. Madrid Psychological Association – COP Madrid. Nov. 2023. COP Madrid.
  • Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Mental Health. ENIIT Big Data International Campus. Nov. 2023. ENIIT.
  • Why do we need Data Translators? SegurCaixa Adeslas. Advanced Analytics. Nov. 2023. SegurCaixa Adeslas.
  • Practical Workshop on AI applied to Psychology. Universidad Europea & Psicobótica. Psychology Postgrads. Mar. 2024. Universidad Europea.

Invited Talks 2022

  • “The Replicated World”. Challenges for a new health management model II. IE University, Hospital La Paz, UCB. May. 2022. UCB.
  • “Opportunities, Challenges and Threats of Artificial Intelligence”. FUTURO Inteligente 2022. Sngular. May. 2022. SNGULAR.

Invited Talks 2021

  • “How AI can foster psychological well-being”. HEM 2021. Hoy Es Marketing. Nov. 2021. HEM Conference.
  • “Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation”. II Jornadas de Inteligencia Emocional Aplicada y Psicología. Colegio Oficial de la Psicología de Madrid. Mayo 2021. COP Madrid.
  • “The Truth about Big Data”. Comité de Inclusión Digital. Grupo Social ONCE. Feb. 2021.

Invited Talks 2020

  • “How Business is shaped by Artificial Intelligence”. International Exchange Alumni Meeting. Oct. 2020. ESIC.
  • “Know the Psychology of your Target Audience through Artificial Intelligence”. AIB Inspirational 2020. Madrid. Oct. 2020. Inspirational 2020 [YouTube].
  • “Artificial Intelligence applied to Psychological Well-Being”. Innovation Mapfre. Jun. 2020.IAB_inspirational_2020
  • “Discover the potential of Big Data and Data Science”. ESIC Open Day. Jun. 2020. ESIC.
  • “Coffe for Everyone. Emotional Responsability”. Instituto Europeo de Inteligencia Emocional. Apr. 2020. IEIE.
  • “Discover the Potential of Big Data and Data Science”. Madrid. Apr. 2020. Esic Tech.
  • “My psychologist is an AI”. Pie & AI Madrid. Deeplearning.ai. Feb. 2020. Deeplearning.ai.
  • “From Descriptive Analysis to Artificial Intelligence”. AEGON Analytics Day. Jan. 2020. AEGON Seguros.


Invited Talks 2019

  • “Artificial Intelligence. Promises, realities, risks and opportunities”. Sanitas AI Meetup. Dec. 2019. SANITAS.
  • “Fighting Online Harassment with State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence”.Big Things – Data & AI Conference. Madrid. Nov. 2019. BIG THINGS. [Session Video].
  • “Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. A New Challenge in Psychology”. Science Week. Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid. Nov. 2019. COP.
  • “And Machines will Rule the World: Challenges, Promises and Disillusions from AI”. Science Week. UNED. Escuelas Pías. Nov. 2019. UNED.

    Big Things – Data & AI Conference – 2019
  • “From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence”. Digital Technology Workshop. ESIC. Nov. 2019. ICEMD.
  • “Big Data in the Health Care Industry”. Pfizer eHealthfest. Madrid. Oct. 2019. Pfizer.
  • “Serendeepia Research: AI Start-Up”. AI Saturdays Madrid. Oct. 2019. AI Saturdays.
  • “Using AI to Develop Intelligent Business Models”. Club Matador. Madrid. Oct. 2019. Club Matador.
  • “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Parents and Children”. The Valley DBS. Madrid. May. 2019. The Valley.
  • “Applications of Artificial Intelligence in your business model”. APD Canarias. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. May. 2019. Canarias 7. APD.
  • “Myths and Realities of Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business”. Insur Space Mapfre. Madrid. Jan. 2019. Spaces Madrid Rio.

Invited Talks 2018

  • “AI in Business: A Short Term Vision”. Digital & Beers Madrid. S|NGULAR. Madrid. Dec. 2018. MeetUp.
  • “Human-Robot Augmentation. From sensorimotor extension to extended intelligence”. Workshop of Physical Agents”. Madrid. Nov. 2018. WAF2018.
  • “Artificial Intelligence. The Best or the Worst for Society”. 5º Congreso Nacional de Directivos. APD. Barcelona. Nov 2018. APD.

    Congreso Nacional de Directivos APD
    APD Barcelona 2018
  • “Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services as new business model generators in the digital ecosystems”. eCommerce Summit Colombia. Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico. Bogotá. Oct. 2018. eCommerce Summit Colombia.
  • “Big Data: how to better know customers in national and international markets”. Brand 4.0. Leading Brands of Spain Forum. Madrid. Oct. 2018. Brands of Spain.
  • “Cases of Deep Learning that you wouldn’t imagine by Serendeepia”. Correos Innovation Labs. Madrid. Sep 2018. Correos Labs.
  • “AI in Business: The Reality”. Jornada Explore. Jun 2018. The Place.
  • “The dark side of the algorithms”. Human Tech Debates. The Place Club. Jun 2018. The Place.
  • Artificial Intelligence Chapter Meeting. Accenture. Madrid. Mar. 2018. Accenture.
  • Innovation in Artificial Intelligence. Jornadas de Gestión de la Innovación TIC. Zaragoza. Mar. 2018. Universidad de Zaragoza.
  • Tech 4 Change. AI applications in the social field. IE Business School. Mar. 2018. IE Business School.
  • How Big Data is used to build Brand Engagement. CSMDay. Cuatrecasas. Jan. 2018.

Invited Talks 2017

  • “Limits of Artificial Intelligence”. Ethical challenges of the future seminar. Universidad CEU San Pablo. Facultad de Humanidades y CC de la Comunicación. Dec. 2017. CEU.
  • Business Models based on Intelligence Services Automation. Digital Business Summit. Fundación CCM. Dec. 2017.
Explore – Jun. 2018
  • From Big Data Analytics to Customer Empathy Automation. eShow Madrid 2017. Oct. 2017. [eShow].
  • A New Neuromarketing is Coming with the Cognitive Data Scientist. Madrid School of Marketing. Oct. 2017. [MSMK].
  • Cognitive Analytics: A New Kind of Algorithms? ETS. Asset Management Factory. Sep. 2017. [ETS].
  • Trends in Retail and Digital Transformation. Big Data and IoT in the Point of Sale. Round Table. Nielsen. Sep. 2017.
  • The light and shadows of Machine Learning Business Applications. Workshop. MBIT School. Sep. 2017. [MBIT] [Youtube].
  • Towards the Integration of Human and Artificial Minds. Google Campus. City.AI Madrid. Sep. 2017. [City.AI].
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services in Digital Transformation Workshop. Madrid. Sep. 2017. [ESIC].
  • AI LOVE U. Machine Consciousness. Madrid. Jul. 2017 [AI LOVE U 2017].
  • Deep Learning – Cognitive Computing. Big Data Analytics Summit. Lima. Peru. Aug. 2017 [BDAS 2017].
  • Technology in the Cognitive Era. IV Industrial Revolution. Summer School. Universidad de Zaragoza. Jaca. Jul. 2017. [DesafíosFuturo].

    Big Data Analytics Summit Peru 2017
    Big Data Analytics Summit Peru 2017
  • Towards the IV Industrial Revolution. Future Scenarios offered by AI and Robotics. Summer School. University of Messina. Italy. Jul. 2017.
  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics Workshop. Cámara de Comercio de Bilbao. Bilbao. Jul. 2017. [Cámarabilbao].
  • Big Data. The brain of new organizations. Digital Tecnology for Business. Jun. 2017. [ESIC].
  • Digital Transformation Think Tank. Asociación Española de Expertos en la Relación con Clientes. Apr. 2017. [AEERC].
  • “Machine Consciousness and Extended Mind”. 1st Augmented Human Conference. Mar. 2017. [AHC17]
  • “Big Data as an Opportunity to Develop an Innovative Mind”. Jornada en Innovación Digital. [ICEMD] Feb. 2017 [Youtube].

Invited Talks 2016

  • EBE 2016. “Tell me you love me. From chatbots to the Cognitive Internet”. Seville. Nov. 2016. [EBE 2016].
  • “Big Data Analytics for extreme personalization in Transportation, Packaging and Logistics”. Logistics, Empack and Packaging Innovations 2016 [Logistics 2016].
  • Round Table. “Legal and Professional Aspects of Computer Science”. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos ETSISI. UPM. Oct. 2016.
  • “Cognitive Computing”. Big Data at ICEMD. Oct. 2016. [Info].
  • “Artificial Intelligence and Society”. Foro del Futuro Próximo (FFP) UPM. Sept 2016. futuroproximo.org. [Video].
  • “Customer Intelligence Services in the Big Data Era”. Keynote Speech. Foro Tecnológico y Empresarial de Zaragoza. Jun. 2016. [Foro].
  • “Frente al cambio permanezco, en el cambio me transformo”. Zinc Shower 2016. Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid. May. 2016 [Zinc Shower].
  • I Conference Cycle on the Management of ICT Innovation. May. 2016 [Unizar].

    Raúl Arrabales - Machine Learning Spain at Google Campus
    Machine Learning Spain talk at Google Campus
  • Big Data Day. Cognitive Computing. Feb. 2016. ESIC [Youtube].
  • Workshop Big Data & Business Analytics. Feb. 2016 [ICEMD – ESIC].
  • Big Data. Trends and opportunities. Feb. 2016 [ICEMD].
  • Artificial Cognitive Systems. When Learning is not enough. X Machine Learning Spain. GoogleCampus Madrid. Jan. 2016. [MLE] [Google Campus Madrid] [Youtube].

Invited Talks 2015

  • Cognitive Computing. Master in Research and Innovation in ICT. UAM – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Dic. 2015. [UAM].
  • Machine Learning. Degree in Computer Science. UAM – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Dic. 2015. [UAM].
  • Invited lecture. Master in Business Analytics and Big Data. IE Business School. Dec. 2015. [IE Business School].
Workshop Digital Trends. OMExpo 2015.
Workshop Digital Trends. OMExpo 2015.
  • Invited Webinar. Transforming data into opportunities .CEO Data Mining. ICEMD. Oct. 2015. [ICEMD].
  • Big Data in Telecom & Media. Orange Summer School. Orange Campus. Jul. 2015.
  • Interviewing Skills and Careers in Big Data Analytics. Master in Business Analytics and Big Data. IE Business School. Jul. 2015. [IE Business School].
  • Roundtable – Employment in Digital Industry. U-tad Open Day. Jun 2015.
  • Workshop Digital Trends. “Workshop Big Data”. OMExpo 2015. May 2015. [OMExpo].
  • Higher Programme in Retail Marketing. “Big Data Analytics in Marketing”. ESIC. Madrid. Apr. 2015. [ESIC].
Lifelong Learning Workshop at ICEMD. Big Data. 2015.
Lifelong Learning Workshop at ICEMD. Big Data & Business Analytics. 2015.
  • Big Data Science Executive Master. “IoT Analytics”. MBIT School. Madrid. Mar. 2015.
  • Lifelong Learning Workshop at ICEMD (ESIC). Big Data and Business Analytics. Madrid. Mar. 2015. [ICEMD].
  • Workshop “Business Analytics & Insights: ¿Big Data or Small Data?”. Altran Madrid. Altran Barcelona. Jan. 2015.

Invited Talks 2014

  • Executive MBI “Big Data Open Source Ecosystems and Service Delivery Models”. MBIT School. Madrid. Oct. 2014.
  • IEEE CIG 2014. “Human-Like Bots Competition (BotPrize 2014)”. Competitions Session. Aug. 2014. [IEEE CIG 2014]
  • UCM. Escuela Complutense de Verano. “Integrating BI-DW & Big Data”. Jul. 2014. [UCM Verano].
  • Mind and Cognition Workshop: current approaches. Teruel Summer University. “The Psychopathology of Artificial Minds”. Calanda. Jul. 2014. [Fundación Mindán Manero].

    ind and Cognition Workshop: current approaches. Teruel Summer University. 2014.
    Mind and Cognition Workshop: current approaches. Teruel Summer University. 2014.
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged Madrid 2014. “Challenges of Big Data for Data Centers”. June. 2014. [DCD Converged].
  • Day of the Book. UC3M. “Los trastornos mentales en el cine y la literatura. Mitos y Realidad”. Apr. 2014.
  • ExpoCloud. EuroCloud Spain. “Cloud and Big Data: The New Integration”. Mar. 2014.
  • Aula Forum. Ifema. Madrid. “Nuevas Tecnologías de Interacción Hombre-Máquina y su Explotación Comercial”. Feb. 2014.

Invited Talks 2013

  • Universidad de Zaragoza. Computer Science Dpt. Cognitive Systems. “Introduction to Basic Psychological Processes and Application in Artificial Cognitive Systems”. May 2013.
  • T3chFest. UC3M. Madrid. “The Cognitive Approach and Extended Mind in Human-Computer Interaction”. Feb 2013. [Link] [Youtube].
  • BUDA Kunstencentrum. Kortrijk. “Consciousness, Machines and Reality”. Jan 2013. [Link].

Invited Talks 2012

  • Livingroom Festival Madrid. “Sólo porque lo sientas, no quiere decir que exista. Diálogos desde un Universo Paralelo”. Dec. 2012.
  • CASSIDIAN. EADS Defense & Security. “Advanced Human-Computer Interaction: The Intelligent Ground Control Station”. Nov. 2012.
  • Retecog Summer School. Tutorial “Introduction to Machine Consciousness”. June 2012. [Link].
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Computer Science Research Seminars. “Practical Applications of Machine Consciousness”. May 2012. [Link].
  • The British Embassy in Madrid. “Tasty Talk on Artificial Intelligence”. May 2012.
  • III Day of the Book. UC3M. Espacio Estudiantes. “¿Cómo viaja la mente a un mundo de ficción”. Apr 2012. [Link].
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid. UPM. Aslab. “Virtual Worlds for Machine Consciousness Research”. Aprl 2012.
  • IES Alpajés. Seminar: Application of Technology to Natural Sciences (Artificial Consciousness). Feb 2012. [Link].

Invited Talks 2011

  • Coloquio de Divulgación Científica La BIOthèque. “¿Quieres vivir para siempre? Transfiere tu mente a un ordenador”. Dec 2011. [Link].
  • Congreso para el Instituto de Iniciativas Empresariales y EF “Conde de Campomanes”. Technological Enterpreneurship in the University. “A Successful Business Idea”. Nov 2011. [Link].
  • Instituto Cervantes. Ciencia con Ñ: “Inteligencia Artificial: ¿ciencia ficción o realidad?”. Nov 2011 [Link] [Video].

    Inteligencia Artificial: ¿ciencia ficción o realidad? Instituto Cervantes.
    Inteligencia Artificial: ¿ciencia ficción o realidad? Instituto Cervantes. 2011.
  • SIMO Network 2011. Team Building Madri+d. Oct 2011 [Link].
  • Seventh Madri+d Investment Forum. “Comaware”. May 2011. [Link] [Video].
  • National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT). III Finde Científico. “Measuring consciousness in humans, animals and machines”. May 2011. [Pics].
  • Cajal Institute – CSIC. Cognitive Robotics seminar at the UAM Neuroscience Master’s course on “Modeling and analysing neuroscience data”. May 2011.
  • Complutense University of Madrid. School of Informatics – GRASIA! Talks. “El uso de arquitecturas cognitivas artificiales para entender y simular la conciencia”. April 2011.
  • Imaginatica 2011. University of Seville. “Conciencia Artificial en Videojuegos: diseñando máquinas más humanas”. March 2011. [Link].

Invited Talks up to 2010

  • X Semana de la Ciencia. UC3M. “Midiendo el Nivel de Conciencia en Humanos, Animales y Máquinas”. November 2010.
  • University of Zaragoza. Computer Science Master programme invited lecture. “La Conciencia Artificial como tecnología para el desarrollo de personajes sintéticos más reales”. October 2010.
  • University of Zaragoza. Advanced Computer Graphics Group. Invited seminar lecture. “Hacia una nueva generación de personajes sintéticos artificiales”. October 2010.

    IX Semana de la Ciencia de Madrid. FNAC Parquesur. 2009.
    IX Semana de la Ciencia de Madrid. FNAC Parquesur. 2009.
  • Day of the Book 2010. UC3M. Madrid. Conference “La Conciencia Artificial en la Ciencia Ficción y en la Investigación Científica”. 15 April 2010.
  • Teaching Enrichment Program for Gifted Students. D.A.T. Madrid Norte. “Inteligencia Artificial. Máquinas del Futuro”. March 2010.
  • Student Residence Fernando Abril Martorell. UC3M. Leganés. Madrid. “Transhumanismo, ¿la idea más peligrosa del mundo?”. December 2009.
  • IX Semana de la Ciencia de Madrid. FNAC Parquesur. La Singularidad. ¿Podrían los Robots Conquistar el Mundo? November 2009.
  • VIII Semana de la Ciencia de Madrid. Univ. Carlos III de Madrid. Conciencia Artificial y Robótica Cognitiva. November 2008.

    International Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciouness
    Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness 2008
  • Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness 2008. Nokia Research Center. Helsinki. Finland. ConsScale: A Plausible Test for Machine Consciousness? August 2008.
  • 3rd Computer Science Symposium at UEM (European University of Madrid). Machine Consciousness and Cognitive Robotics. November 2007.
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