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New version of Asimo in Barcelona

A new version of the famous Asimo robot was presented last month in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to the former features of this humanoid model, the new version of Asimo features a streamlined design and is able to perform receptionist tasks, carrying objects, and improved mobility.

Advanced speed and mobility:


Running (6km/h)
Running whilst cornering (5km/h)
Turning on the spot
Slaloming (5km/h)


Advanced functions to operate in a human environment:


Interaction with people by recognising them
Interaction with people by calculating their distance
Greeting passers by
Walking hand-in-hand and moving in sync
Receiving and delivering a tray
Walking whilst holding a tray
Walking and changing directions whilst pushing a trolley
Operating a trolley in a number of ways


Honda demonstrated the new version of Asimo for the first time in Europe, at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park and organised in partnership with the Barcelona City Council as part of the City’s ‘Year of Science’ activities. 
Have a look to the Asimo commercial:
More Information at: http://world.honda.com/ASIMO/ 

Raúl Arrabales

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