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Simulated GPS Service

Simulated Pioneer GPS Service

The Simulated Pioneer GPS service provides a simple localization service to be used in the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio simulator. It consists in a simple box shape entity (PioneerGPSEntity) that can be attached to a simulated robot, and a service (SimulatedPioneerGPS) that provides notifications indicating updated X, Y, Z coordinates of the robot in the simulated world.

 This service is based on the Simulated GPS service that comes with MRDS 2008 R2.

Service Download

 Simulated Pioneer GPS source code for MRDS 2008 R2 is available here.

Installation Instructions

Download the ZIP file to your MRDS home directory, When you unzip the file, it creates one project in the
packages\crubots\simulation\sensors directory under your MSRS installation:

The folder SimulatedPioneerGPS will contain the source code.

If you want to compile the projects yourself, then open
the project and do a rebuild (see the note below first!):



In order to have the project references working for your particular settings,
you will need to run DssProjectMigration.exe. For instance (from the MRDS
command prompt):

 bin\DssProjectMigration.exe packages\crubots\simulation\sensors\SimulatedPioneerGPS

See Readme.txt file for more details. Use the MRDS forum if you have any question about this service.

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