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Category: Robotics

The Huggable Robot

The Huggable project started in the MIT Media Lab (The Robotic Life Group) in 2005. The Huggable is a new type of robotic companion for healthcare, education, and social communication. It is inspired in traditional companion animal therapy. The Huggable…

CB2 The baby robot

CB2 (Child-robot with Biomimetic Body)  is a young android created by Japanese researchers Minoru Asada and Hiroshi Ishiguro (who famously created an android twin of himself). The following video shows this silicone skin baby bot rolling around and trying to kind-of…

Robotic Carp

The robotic carp developed by Ryomei Engineering (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) is a curious example of a fish robot. This remote-controlled metal fish resembles to a koi carp, and it’s actually a great catch: 80 cm and 12 Kg. The following video shows the smooth…

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