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What is Conscious-Robots.com?

Conscious-Robots.com is an Internet portal dedicated to the scientific research in Machine Consciousness. This field of artificial intelligence is very much related to cognitive robotics, and the following terms are often used as synonyms: Artificial Consciousness, Synthetic Consciousness and Robot Consciousness. Although much more detailed definitions can be found in these web pages, we could briefly define Machine Consciousness as the research on producing consciousness in an artificial device (like a robot) using engineering techniques. Understanding human consciousness is a great challenge, hence Machine Consciousness problem is even harder. There is no doubt that these problems have to be addressed from multiple disciplines. This site aim to follow this multidisciplinary approach including information and resources from many fields, from philosophy to genetic programming.
Conscious-Robots.com offers the following content:
  • Resources, publications and information about Machine Consciousness research and related AI techniques.
  • Latest news and reviews about conscious software, conscious machines and robots used for research in machine consciosness.
  • Discussion Forums about Machine consciousness and related fields (Forums section).
  • Almost real time news feeds from many sources related to machine consciousness, AI and neuroscience (News feeds section).
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio Developer 2008 Pages.

Raúl Arrabales

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