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Wakamaru, the communication robot by Mitshubishi.

Wakamaru is a robot designed for human communication and interaction and its own “personality”.

This robot has been designed by Toshiyuki Kita to live with humans. Its robotic body features original eyes, mouth and eyebrows. The inbuilt technology is expected to endow the robot with rich communication similar to humans. Wakamaru is able to keep eye contact, move autonomously, and connect to the network. Wakamaru is also designed to be safe using the same standards used for toy manufacturing and design.

Wakamaru is equipped with wheels for mobility and the following sensors: self-position measurement, infrared obstacle detection, ultrasonic obstacle detection, and collision detection. Social skills are based on detection of moving persons, face detection, voice recognition and speech synthesis. Wakamaru is 1 meter tall and weigths around 30 kg.

The following video shows Wakamaru in New York city:

More information at Wakamaru Homepage.

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