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Machine Consciousness 2011: Self, Integración y Explicación


Machine Consciousness 2011 (Conciencia Artificial 2011)
Self, Integración and Explicación
Llamada a la Participación

Límite para el envío de resúmenes: 31 de Diciembre de 2010.

Extensión de la fecha límite para el envío de resúmenes: 9 de Enero de 2011.

Invitación para el envío de trabajos al MC2011, un simposio de 2 días que se celebrará conjuntamente con el AISB 2011 (Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour 2011), del 4 al 7 de April de 2011, Universidad de York, Reino Unido.

La Conciencia Artificial (CA) trata con la creación de artefactos que tienen, o modelan, características mentales típicamente asociadas con la conciencia como la (auto-)conciencia, las emociones, el afecto, los estados fenomenológicos, la imaginación, etc.

Temas específicos:
Se buscan trabajos que encajen con las siguientes áreas:
• CA y auto-modelado
• CA e integración de la información
• El poder explicativo de los modelos de CA
• CA y neurociencia
• CA y conciencia funcional versus conciencia fenomenológica
• Ética y CA

Machine Consciousness 2011 will favour submissions that are based on implemented models, either in the sense that they detail actual or potential artefacts or that they seriously engage with previous published work or models, either by critiquing or extending that work. We favour new work – even if preliminary – over work which has received multiple publication elsewhere.

For more information on the themes and background of MC2011, please consult the website at http://www.sussex.ac.uk/cogs/mc2011.

Symposium Dates:
The symposium will be held over two days as part of the AISB 2011 Convention, 4-7
April 2011.
• 27/10/10: First CFP distributed
• 14/11/10: Second CFP distributed
• 01/12/10: Final CFP distributed
• 31/12/10: Deadline for submission of abstracts
• 31/01/11: Notification of accepted papers
• TBA: Camera ready papers due (for inclusion in AISB proceedings)
• TBA: Early registration deadline (NB symposium attendees must register for the
full convention)
• 4-7 April 2011: AISB 2011 convention.

All accepted papers will be published in an AISB proceedings produced for the
The Chairs also intend to publish selected papers in a book or journal special issue
based on the symposium.

Student submissions:
In previous years there have been awards for the best student paper, and limited
student bursaries. Details TBA.

Symposium Co-Chairs:
Ron Chrisley, Rob Clowes*, Steve Torrance
Centre for Research in Cognitive Science and School of Informatics, University of Sussex, UK.
*IFL, Universita Nova de Lisboa

Scientific Committee:

Igor Aleksander – Imperial College, UK
Raúl Arrabales – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Mike Beaton – Imperial College, UK and University of Sussex, UK
Antonio Chella – University of Palermo, Italy
Stan Franklin – University of Memphis, USA
David Gamez – Imperial College, UK
Pentti Haikonen – University of Illinois at Springfield, USA
Germund Hesslow – Lund University, Sweden
Owen Holland – University of Sussex, UK
Takashi Ikegami – University of Tokyo, Japan
Frédéric Kaplan – École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Switzerland
Benjamin Kuipers – University of Michigan, USA
Riccardo Manzotti – University of Milan, Italy
Thomas Metzinger – Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Gemany
Ricardo Sanz – Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Murray Shanahan – Imperial College, UK
John Taylor – King’s College London, UK
Jun Tani – RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan
Tom Ziemke – University of Skövde, Sweden

Extended abstracts of not more than 500 words (plus references) should be submitted in plain text to :

c/o Ron Chrisley
Centre for Research in Cognitive Science
Chichester Building
University of Sussex
Falmer BN1 9JH
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1273 678581
Email : ronc at sussex.ac.uk

Templates from a previous convention can be found at
Each paper will receive at least two reviews.

MC 2011 Symposium : http://www.sussex.ac.uk/cogs/mc2011
AISB 2011 Convention: http://www.aisb.org.uk/convention/aisb11/

Raúl Arrabales

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