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Cognitive Neuroscience – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Consciousness


The following systems are based on Baars’ GWT (Global Workspace Theory) and have been developed by University of Memphis Cognitive Computing Research Group:

IDA (Intelligent Distribution Agent) addresses the Navy’s problem of job distribution using the Conscious Agent Framework. IDA is a verycomplex agent that perceives e-mails from sailors, deliberates on the right jobs for the sailor and negotiates with the sailor in the context of sailor’s preferences and Navy’s policies. This project is funded by ONR (Office of Naval Research) and NPRST (Naval Personnel Research, Studies, and Technology).

LIDA (Learning IDA) adds various mode of human-like learning to the IDA architecture, including perceptual, episodic, procedural and attentional learning.

LIDA-AV is applied to the realm of cognitive robotics, LIDA-AV aims to control an autonomous vehicle with the LIDA technology.

Raúl Arrabales

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