Raúl Arrabales Moreno

Cognitive Neuroscience – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Consciousness

Mind and Machines

Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Editor: J.H. Moor

ISSN: 0924-6495 (print version)
ISSN: 1572-8641 (electronic version)
Journal no. 11023
Springer Netherlands

Minds and Machines affords an international forum for the discussion and debate of important and controversial issues concerning significant developments within its areas of editorial focus. Well-reasoned contributions from diverse theoretical perspectives are welcome and every effort will be made to ensure their prompt publication. Among the features that make this journal distinctive within the field are these:
Strong stands on controversial issues are especially encouraged Important articles exceeding normal journal length may appear Special issues devoted to specific topics are a regular feature Critical responses to previously published pieces are invited Review essays discussing current problem situations will appear.
This journal fosters a tradition of criticism within the AI and philosophical communities on problems and issues of common concern. Its scope explicitly encompasses philosophical aspects of computer science. All submissions will be subject to review.

Editorial Focus:

Machines and Mentality – Knowledge and Its Representation – Epistemic Aspects of Computer Programming – Connectionist Conceptions – Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology – Computer Methodology – Computational Approaches to Philosophical Issues – Philosophy of Computer Science – Simulation and Modelling – Ethical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Abstracted/Indexed in:
ACM Computing Reviews, African Urban & Regional Science Index, Compendex, Computer Abstracts International Database, Computer Literature Index, Engineering Index Monthly, Inspec, ISI Alerting Services, Knowlegde Engineering Review, Neuroscience Citation Index, Psyc-INFO, Psychological Abstracts, Science Citation Index Expanded, SCOPUS, The Philosopher’s Index

Raúl Arrabales

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