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Pentti O A Haikonen

Dr. Pentti O A Haikonen

Full Adjunct Professor
University of Illinois at Springfield, One University Plaza
Philosophy Department, UHB 4026
Springfield, IL 62-703, USA

Dr. Haikonen’s research focus is on Machine Cognition, Robot Brains, Machine Emotions, Conscious Machines, and Artificial Consciousness. He has written three books about machine consciousness:

  • Consciousness and Robot Sentience. World Scientific, Singapore 2012.
    What is consciousness and how to implement it in robots. Strong focus on qualia and the phenomenal aspects of consciousness. Contains also a description of Haikonen’s experimental cognitive robot XCR-1. (Buy this book at Amazon)
  • Robot Brains; circuits and systems for conscious machines. Wiley and Sons, UK 2007.
    From associative neurons and neuron groups to perception circuits, cognitive architectures, machine emotions, natural language in machines, machine consciousness Contains a little bit mathematics and circuit diagrams (Buy this book at Amazon).
  • The Cognitive Approach to Conscious Machines. Imprint Academic, UK 2003
    His background philosophy towards the design of conscious machines – Easy reading, no mathematics here, lots of ideas (Buy this book at Amazon).



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