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Sources of Consciousness

Sources of Consciousness book coverSources of Consciousness (Green, Triffet, 1997)

I haven’t read this book (yet), but I think it could be interesting to some extend as it tries to cover the biophysical and computational roots of consciousness. From a quick look at the index and some leaf through it seems that the authors are proposing a quantum mechanics explanation for consciousness (however, …

it doesn’t looks like the Orch-OR – Orchestrated Objective Reduction proposed by Hameroff and Penrose). Instead, they argue that the brain is like a quantal turing machine that processes information stored in a tape (memory). For them, perception is the instant action of gaining information, while awareness is the continuing aspect of acquiring the information from the quantal tape. Complementarily, the instant action of creating new information is identified with a decision, while volition is said to be the continuing aspect of the information creation process.

Book details:
Title: Sources of Consciousness. The Biophysical and Computational Basis of Thought.
Authors: H. S. Green and T. Triffet.
World Scientific Publishing. 1997.

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