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Theatre of the Mind

Theatre of the Mind. Raising the curtain on consciousness book coverTheatre of the Mind. Raising the curtain on consciousness. Jay Ingram (2005).

Reviewed: 2007/09/18 13:13. This book by Jay Ingram is published by Harper Collins Canada (2005).
This is the last book I’ve read about consciousness, and I can recommend it to anyone interested in the field as an introductory journey into the matter. As Jay Ingram is a science broadcaster the book is written for the broad public, and…

it can be easily understood. Books about consciousness can be sometimes too difficult to understand for the non-expert in the field, as they tend to use too many philosophical terms and usually the writer assumes previous knowledge in cognitive sciences and/or neurobiology. But, this is not the case of Theater of the Mind. It is written in a direct and easy way, thus creating a comfortable and enjoyable summary of latest advances in the search for an explanation of consciousness.

Other strong point I see in this book is that it covers a wide range of issues related with consciousness, from its definition, the problem of free will, dreams, animal consciousness, and even cosmic experiences. This will make you to wonder many new questions about your consciousness. Also, some of the most remarkable neurological syndromes are also described, like split brains, giving the reader the chance to appreciate how neurologists and psychologists infer some assumptions regarding the nature of consciousness.

Raúl Arrabales

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