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NIPS International Workshop for Scientific Study of Consciousness

NIPS International Workshop for Scientific Study of Consciousness

The NIPS international workshop for Scientific Study of Consciousness (NIPS-SSC) will be held at the Okazaki Conference Center (Aichi, Japan) in Sep 19-20, 2009. This workshop is an official satellite event for the 32nd international neuroscience conference “Neuroscience 2009” (Nagoya. Sep 16-18, 2009).

Further information: http://www.nips.ac.jp/%7Emyoshi/workshop2009/
Date: September 19th-20th, 2009
Deadline: July 15th, 2009

Organizers: Masatoshi Yoshida, Nao Tsuchiya (naotsu@gmail.com)
Registration and abstract submission for poster presentation is open till July 30. (all the presentations will given be in English).

Tentative themes:

1) Time and consciousness
2) Electrophysiological approach towards consciousness
3) Reliability of subjective reports on phenomenology
4) Consciousness vs. Attention
5) The role of thalamus in consciousness

Confirmed speakers:

Ralph Adolphs (Caltech), Ned Block (NYU), Olivia Carter (U of
Melbourne), John-Dylan Haynes (Humboldt-University Berlin), Ryota
Kanai (UCL), Christof Koch (Caltech), Shin’ya Nishida (NTT
Communication Science Lab), Petra Stoerig (Heinrich-Heine-University
Düsseldorf), Naotsugu Tsuchiya (Caltech), Melanie Wilke (Caltech,
NIMH), Takamitsu Yamamoto (Nihon Univ.), & Masatoshi Yoshida (NIPS)

Corresponding Author: Nao Tsuchiya (naotsu@gmail.com)
Further information: http://www.congre.co.jp/neurosci2009/english/index.html
Date:September 16th-18th, 2009

Plenary Lectures

– Christof Koch, Professor (Caltech)
– Barry W. Connors, Professor (Brown Univ.)

Special Lectures

– Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Professor (Primate Research Institute, Kyoto
University, Japan)

There will be two associated symposia, closely related to the topic of the neuronal basis of consciousness:

1. Frontier of neuroscientific research on consciousness

2. Neuronal mechanisms of visual illusions : empirical approaches from psychophysics, brain stimulation, electrophysiology, and pharmacology

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