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Actas del Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness

Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness 2008

21 – 22 de Agosto de 2008. Nokia Research Center, Itämerenkatu 11 – 13, Helsinki, Finlandia.
Actas de Conferencia

PDF Booklet Cover (pdf)

PDF Table of Contents (pdf)

PDF Big Visions. Preface by Pentti Haikonen (pdf).

PDF Acknowledgements (pdf).

PDF Invited Spearkers (pdf).

PDF Workshop Program (pdf).

Abstracts and Full Papers

Introductory Speech

PDF Progress in Machine Consciousness: Back to Basics.
by Prof. Igor Aleksander.
Imperial College, London.

Session 1. Consciousness Models
Session chairman: Riccardo Manzotti

PDF Robotanic: an externalist outlook of a robot architecture.
Antonio Chella.
Università di Palermo.

PDF Emotional cognitive steps towards consciousness.
Will Browne.
Universiy of Reading.

PPT Emotional cognitive steps towards consciousness.
Will Browne.

PDF Systems, models and self-awareness: A SysML model of consciousness.
Ricardo Sanz and Carlos Hernández.
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Session 2. Systems and Architectures
Session chairman: Ricardo Sanz

PDF Achieving Advanced Machine Consciousness through Integrative, Virtually Embodied Artificial General Intelligence.
Ben Goertzel.
CEO, Novamente, LLC.

PDF A logical model of consciousness on a neural network system with a simple abstract brain-like structure.
Yasuo Kinouchi.
Tokyo University of Information Sciences.

PDF The Engine of Thought – a Bio-Inspired Mechanism for Distributed Selection of Useful Information.
Harri Valpola.
Helsinki University of Technology.

PDF Might a LIDA Controled Robot be Phenomenally Conscious?.
Uma Ramamurthy.
University of Memphis.

Session 3. Imagination and Phenomenology
Session chairman: Germund Hesslow

PDF An anthropomimetic robot with imagination: one step closer to machine consciousness?.
Hugo Gravato Marques, Rob Knight, Richard Newcombe and Owen Holland.
University of Essex.

PDF A Systematic Approach to Synthetic Phenomenology.
David Gamez.
University of Essex.

Session 4. Phenomenology and Qualia
Session chairman: Antonio Chella

PDF Physical Foundations of Phenomenal Content in a Conscious Machine.
Riccardo Manzotti.
IULM University Milan.

PDF Can machines have qualia?
Germund Hesslow.
Lund University.

PDF The Role of Qualia in Machine Consciousness; Nothing or Everything? (The Answer Is YES).
Pentti O A Haikonen.
Nokia Research Center. Helsinki.

PPT The Role of Qualia in Machine Consciousness; Nothing or Everything? (The Answer Is YES).
Pentti O A Haikonen.

Session 5. Special Issues
Session chairman: Pentti Haikonen

PDF Neuron Microchips.
Markku Åberg and Arto Rantala.
VTT Finland.

PDF ConsScale: A Plausible Test for Machine Consciousness?.
Raúl Arrabales, Agapito Ledezma, and Araceli Sanchis.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

PPT ConsScale: A Plausible Test for Machine Consciouness?.
Raúl Arrabales.

PDF A Cognitive Approach to Silent Speech Recognition.
Emmanuel Lesser and Charles Jorgensen.
University College of Antwerp and NASA Ames Research Center.

PDF An expectation-based robotic model of affective experience.
Ron Chrisley.
University of Sussex.

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