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Cognitive Neuroscience – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Consciousness

International Journal of Machine Consciousness

International Journal of Machine Consciousness (IJMC)

World Scientific
Editor-in-Chief Antonio Chella

The journal examines the theoretical foundations of conscious machines and analyzes current approaches to machine consciousness. It offers unity and visibility to a wide spread of research, which is now scattered throughout many diverse and often unrelated journals. The journal also allows a publication focus where scholars could present, compare and evaluate their work on machine consciousness both from the theoretical and technical side. Since the topic of machine consciousness is still highly controversial, each issue will endorse a blend of papers covering provocative theories as well as testable models. Machine consciousness is pursued for:

  • Implementing and designing machines resembling human beings (cognitive robotics)
  • Understanding the nature of consciousness (cognitive science)
  • Implementing and designing more efficient control systems

 Machine consciousness is a field placed at the crossing between technical disciplines (AI, Robotics, Computer Science and Engineering), theoretical ones (Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Linguistics, Logic), and empirical ones (Psychology and Neuroscience). However, machine consciousness focuses mostly on attempts to use robots and informational machines as vehicles that advance various ways of understanding consciousness and examine the possible role of consciousness in the further development of such robots and other informational machines.

Raúl Arrabales

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