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First Issue of the IJMC

First Issue of the International Journal of Machine Consciousness Available

The first issue of the International Journal of Machine Consciousness is available online (Vol. 1. Issue 1. June 2009)! This new journal, exclusively dedicated to the field of Machine Consciousness (aka Artificial Consciousness), has started its publication with an outstanding collection of papers from the leading MC researchers in the world.

This very first issue of IJMC includes papers from Igor Aleksander, John G. Taylor, Bernard J. Baars, Stan Franklin, Antonio Chella, Riccardo Manzotti, Ron Chrisley, Anil Seth, Carlos Hernández, Ignacio López, Ricardo Sanz, Sidney D’Mello, Uma Ramamurthy, Alexei V. Samsonovich, Kenneth A. De Jong, Anastasia Kitsantas, Eva Hudlicka, and Piotr Boltuc. See below for the complete table of contents.

International Journal of Machine Consciousness, Vol.1 Issue 1. June 2009.
Table of Contents.

Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2009)

The Potential Impact Of Machine Consciousness In Science And Engineering
Igor Aleksander

Beyond Consciousness?
John G. Taylor

Consciousness Is Computational: The LIDA Model Of Global Workspace Theory
Bernard J. Baars and Stan Franklin

Machine Consciousness: A Manifesto For Robotics
Antonio Chella and Riccardo Manzotti

Synthetic Phenomenology
Ron Chrisley

The Strength Of Weak Artificial Consciousness
Anil Seth

The Operative Mind: A Functional, Computational And Modeling Approach To Machine Consciousness
Carlos Hernández, Ignacio López and Ricardo Sanz

Evolutionary Pressures For Perceptual Stability And Self As Guides To Machine Consciousness
Stan Franklin, Sidney D’Mello, Bernard J. Baars and Uma Ramamurthy

The Mental State Formalism Of GMU-BICA
Alexei V. Samsonovich, Kenneth A. De Jong and Anastasia Kitsantas

Challenges In Developing Computational Models Of Emotion And Consciousness
Eva Hudlicka

The Philosophical Issue In Machine Consciousness
Piotr Boltuc

Book Review

BOOK REVIEW: “World in My Mind, My Mind in the World” by Igor Aleksander
Antonio Chella


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